DIY Essential Oil Holiday Room Spray

Made with just essential oils, distilled water, and alcohol, this simple holiday room spray brings all of the wonderful smells of the season together.

  • Prep Time:
    10 minutes
  • Total Time:
    10 minutes
  • Makes:
    4 fl. ounces 1x
  • Prep Time:
    10 minutes
  • Total Time:
    10 minutes
  • Makes:
    4 fl. ounces 1x
  • Ingredients


    1. Rinse bottle(s) well with distilled water.
    2. Add your essential oils. I designed this spray to be potent as I find I use less and the scent lingers longer. Feel free to scale down if you prefer a lighter spray.
    3. Add grain alcohol and distilled water. Add Everclear or grain alcohol of choice. Swirl for a few seconds to dissolve the oils, then top with distilled water. Shake well and adjust to your liking, adding more oils for a stronger scent, or more a bit more distilled water for a lighter scent.
    4. Affix the label. With a clean rag or towel, dry the bottle well and attach the label. For easiest placement, place the bottle on a flat, level surface like a table or countertop and align the label parallel to the water line.  


    For the Labels

    Download the labels. To download your free printable labels, sign up using the form above.
    Choose your preferred label material and printing method. The labels I used here are Avery 94107 2” Square on Weatherproof White Film. I had these printed through, which I recommend if you plan on using this spray in the shower at any point. If you plan to use this just as a room spray and have your own inkjet or laser printer, I recommend using these Avery 22846 Kraft Brown Labels or Avery 22816 White Labels.
    To print through

    1. Hover over Custom Printing and select Square Labels.
    2. Make sure Sheet Labels, Square, and 2” are selected, then choose your preferred material and quantity. Note: You can order fewer than 24 labels during the checkout process, but select that to start. Also, I don’t recommend Silver Metallic or Clear Film for this project.
    3. Select Start Designing and Upload to upload your individual label pdf. Note, you will need to separate the individual label you’d like to print from the download.
    4. Choose the individual label you’d like to print and click Apply this Design.
    5. You will then see the individual label as well as the sheet of labels on the right. Make sure the individual label is centered and that all text is well within the dotted boundaries. Select Next, and then I Approve My Design OR View my PDF Proof to preview the entire sheet of labels.
    6. Save the project however you prefer.
    7. Confirm your Quantity and Material and Proceed to Cart. Again, you can adjust the final quantity of sheets from your Shopping Cart.
    8. From your Shopping Cart, adjust the number of sheets you’d like to print and complete the checkout process.

    To print at home: Follow the printing instructions that come with your labels. Note, you will be printing from the whole sheet of labels, not the individual labels.

    Essential Oils and Sensitivities

    This recipe uses what are generally considered safe essential oils, but please keep in mind that while completely natural, all essential oils are powerful plant compounds that you and your family (including your pets) might have a reaction to. Never use essential oils undiluted or take essential oils internally (diluted or undiluted) without the guidance of a professional, and always read up about the possible side effects of each type of oil before you use it. Avoid the use of essential oils (diluted or undiluted) during the first trimester of pregnancy, on small babies, and anyone with severe allergies to the plants the oils are derived from. And if you see any reactions in yourself, your family, or your pets, stop use of your essential oil products immediately.

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